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MotoProHQ began with the idea of how do we get to the riding destination easier, faster, and grumble free? Over time, riders get tired of setting up their rig with makeshift solutions that are fine, but never seem to adapt to every need.

As a rider, and the mastermind of MotoProHQ,'s great products, Jim Wilterdink too had his own journey with makeshift hauling solutions for his first utility trailer, then truck, then toy hauler, but he finally had enough. With a dare to create and sell, from his son, and a bit of gumption, he decided to prototype a high quality solution that fit the needs for every rider in every situation.

In 2016, soon after a few versions of The NiceRack, he had created a quality, reliable, secure way that didn't lead to pulling over to readjust the bikes. PLUS, there was NO DRILLING into his truck!

Never again did Jim agonize over loading up the bikes, and heading out to ride with his boys became less of a chore and more about fun.

The development of the EZ Chock concept that mounts bikes at an angle utilizing E-track and L-track was born in the fall of 2019. A customer was trouble shooting a way to load even more than 3 bikes on the raving NiceRack Pedestal bar; 6 really! Jim thought there has to be a better way, and the idea was spawned of loading bikes like horses in a trailer at an angle.

As MotoProHQ grows, they continue to develop great product ideas, and to support racing and trail communities across the country. MotoProHQ take great pride in keeping their products American made, and continue to be desired and recommended by riders across the U.S.A. and internationally.