NiceRack Motorcycle Carrier | Pedestal Systems for toy haulers & trailers

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You will load bikes faster, easier and more secure than ever before with the NiceRack Pedestal System. Designed to be used in toy haulers, enclosed trailers, and vans. you'll never want to load & go without your NiceRack again. 


  • NO DRILLING. The system is easily installed or removed within just a few minutes. NO permanent bolts or fixtures left in your rig. The system pedestals (feet) rest on the floor and the rack is secured by two turnbuckles to D-Rings in the floor.
  • CHOCK DESIGN. Custom design and premium powder coated texture hold the tire to help you easily get strapped up. Accommodates most motorcycle tire sizes.
  • OFFSET HANDLEBARS. Center chock is extended 8" to offset handlebars for easy loading of a third bike.
  • TIE DOWN POINTS. 5 secure Tie Down points. No more awkward bending, tie-down twisters or weaving straps through spokes. Each strap has a spot. 

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NiceRack in a 6' x 12' enclosed trailer



Q - If I get the pedestal system, can I use The 'NiceRack' in a truck?

A - Yes, with a conversion kit (sold separately).


Q - What size bar do you recommend? 

A - We sell the system with your choice of  65", 75" or 90" Cross bar. Most common full size Toy Haulers will use a 90" bar, while common van setups are compatible with the 65" bar. Measure the inside width of your rig to determine what size bar you need. Keep in mind you will want the bar to be about 4" less than your total rig to allow for a little margin on each side.


Q - Can I put more than 3 bikes on the bar? 

A - Yes, Let the system work for you. We have customers who have loaded up 5 bikes, utilizing both sides of the system. Keep in mind you'll need about 14'-15' length with D-Rings  in the center to secure the rack to. You can also go 4 bikes wide if your rig has the width.

If you need more than 3 motorcycles, and don't have the space we recommend looking into the EZ Chock floor and wall mount options. Utilizing this system you can typically fit more bikes in smaller spaces.



Q - Is the bar secure and strong enough for dual sport, heavier bikes? 

A - Yes. The system is, frankly overbuilt using 1/8", 10 guage and 14 gauge steel. The system is tough. The typical weak link in hauling heavy loads in a toy hauler or trailer is the D-Rings. The manufacturers say "Frame mounted" which typically means self tapper screws into a thin plate attached to the frame. We don't feel that is necessarily enough. For the most secure install, WE RECOMMEND installing or re-installing D-Rings with "THROUGH NUT AND BOLT and BACKING PLATES" 


Q - Do you ship to Canada?

A - Yes! MotoProHQ does ship to Canada; however, the cost and inconvenience of Customs seems to be far from ideal for most. MotoProHQ does have a Canadian Distributor named, Northern Racing Group Contact or inquire at 450-566-1255 Email visit their website Canadian distributor


Q - Do you ship internationally?

A - Yes! MotoProHQ does ship internationally and continues to look for distributors near you. Please email your address and order to for a shipping quote.



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