NiceRack Motorcycle Truck Rack | Stake Pocket System

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The BEST motorcycle truck rack on the market! Load your motorcycles, faster, easier and more secure than ever before. Absolutely, NO drilling into your truck. With a NiceRack you will haul with confidence and ease.


  • NO DRILLING. The system is easily installed or removed within just a few minutes. NO permanent bolts or fixtures left in your truck. Installs in the bed rail stake pockets and then secured with provided turnbuckles to the factory anchor points.
  • CHOCK DESIGN. Custom design and premium powder coated texture hold the tire to help you easily get strapped up. Accommodates most motorcycle tire sizes.
  • OFFSET HANDLEBARS. Center chock is extended 8" to offset handlebars for easy loading of a third bike.
  • TIE DOWN POINTS. 7 secure Tie Down points. No more awkward bending, tie-down twisters or weaving straps through spokes. Each strap has a spot.
  • TELESCOPING ARMS. Use or stow the telescoping arms, designed to allow proper strapping angles. This greatly reduces the bikes lateral movement or sway, requires less downward pressure, preventing un-necessary wear on fork seals, also eliminating the need to pull over to readjust the bikes. Utilizing the telescoping arms also allows you put bikes right up to the edge of the bed rail, creating more room for gear.

Motorcycle Truck Rack 3-bike System and 2-bike System 

 Motorcycle Truck Rack Add a Chock


Q - What if my truck's stake pockets aren't cut out? 

A - Most full size trucks have them, but the factory plastic bed rails cover them. Many manufacturers have the stake pocket outline on the truck rail cap. This plastic is easily removed using an Exacto or utility knife cut out the hole once you locate the stake pocket. 

Q - What if my truck doesn't have stake pockets at all? 

A - The 'NiceRack' Truck Clamp System is also available.

Q - Is there a NiceRack for the Toyota bedrail slide track?

A - Yes. Check out The popular 'NiceRack' Truck "Toyota" System.

Q - Is the bar secure and strong enough for dual sport, heavier bikes? 

A - Yes. A customer in Bahrain has hauled a dirt bike, dual sport, and adventure bike all at once down the gnarliest of routes.

Q - What's the point of the telescoping arm?

A - The extended tie-down point allows you to position the strap at an ideal 45 degree angle. This secures the bike more effectively, greatly reducing the force on the fork seals and almost eliminates any tipping, wobbling while driving. And an added benefit is that you no longer have to squeeze down into the corners of the truck to find an anchor point with three straps.

Q - Does the telescoping arm always stick out from the truck?

A - Nope. When not in use, the telescoping arm easily stows inside the main crossbar.

*NiceRack Version 1.0 wheel chock in picture
 Telescoping arm stows when not in use

Q - Does the NiceRack work with a tonneau cover?

A - Yes and no. Yes, a Tonneau mount that supports most "SOFT roll up" tonneau covers is available. * Tonneau mounting rails and hardware must be down inside the bed rail and * You must select NiceRack "Tonneau" at check out. Hard fold and tri-fold tonneau's DO NOT work with the standard system.  

Q - If I get the truck system, can I use The 'NiceRack' in a van, trailer, or toy hauler?

A - Yes, with a conversion kit (sold separately).

Q - If I decided to get a van or trailer down the road and want the EZ Chock System, can the wheel chocks be used for EZ Chocks?

A - Yes.  We have EZ Chock conversion kits for your chocks, however the systems are almost entirely different and the savings for this option are slim! 

Q - Do you ship to Canada?

A - Yes! MotoProHQ does ship to Canada; however, the cost and inconvenience of Customs seems to be far from ideal for most. MotoProHQ does have a Canadian Distributor named, Northern Racing Group Contact or inquire at 450-566-1255 Email visit their website.  Canadian distributor

Q - Do you ship internationally?

A - Yes! MotoProHQ does ship internationally and continues to look for distributors near you. Please email your address and order to for a shipping quote.



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